30th Anniversary Micro-film – “Invisible Men”

This young girl seems constantly preoccupied, and sometimes behaves a little strangely. No one understands her, but the fact is… 

30th Anniversary micro-film – “Invisible Men” is now officially launched!

The film will be shown citywide (including on the web, Facebook, on public transport and in chain restaurants etc.) starting from 8 August.


(Special thanks to Ms. Snowy Choi for being our guest actress)

  • Photo Exhibition

Read stories of our 16 characters at the Exhibition

Christian Action

Christian Action was established in 1985 as a Hong Kong registered charitable organization.  Its mission is to serve those who are poor, disadvantaged, marginalized, displaced or abandoned, aiming to give them hope, dignity and self-reliance. Its service recipients include unemployed adults and youth, new arrivals from Mainland China, children and youth from deprived families, ethnic minorities, refugees, asylum seekers and migrant domestic helpers, and orphans and abandoned children in Qinghai; it also provides social enterprise services. Its services are based on the example of Jesus Christ who serves all people regardless of their age, gender, nationality and religion.  

Our Mission

is to serve those who are disadvantaged, marginalized, displaced or abandoned.

Our Aim 

is to give them hope, dignity and self-reliance.

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